Site History
First and for most here is a little bit of site history. TheVampireSpider.com, originally was a plain geocities site under the name MemphisRains. The site was a really bad personal/movie fan site with a little bit of music thrown in. The movie was Gone in Sixty Seconds, hence the screen name at the time, this was in the late 90's obvioulsy after the remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds came out starring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Later on my own real life and internet identity started to form itself, this coinsides with me entering high school and that age where everyone really starts to become who they are or start on the path of who they are going to be. Once again still pulling with the free geocities theme but with a dot.tk domain cover the ThaVampireSpider.tk was slowly born. Started off solely as a site to show off my newly found obsession of photomanipulation. The site was still poorly set up and did not have much to it at all. The site soon came into its own and I began using it as more of a personal site overall instead of just a online art gallery. I have in the past done a lot to promote bands mostly the band Kittie, which if you dont already know is my favorite band. This upgrade in site material forms about halfway through high school. Since then the site has found its own niches and harmony with all that I feel like. Which in the end is all this site is, its what I want it to be. Once I graduated high school I joined the air force and the tk went away and now I run my own site TheVampireSpider.com which is ofen the only doorway of communication people and friends have with me back home. It has also become more so a web blog where I share what I have experianced while being over seas. Ok well onward to a more focused background on me.
Spider's History
   I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wi, with a most grueling birth for my mother on August 23 1985. Well lol I never have liked waking up. Honestly now adays my childhood seems like a qucik blurr and I really only have kept about three friends from my younger days. I went to grade school at U.S. Grant Elementary school with excellent grades. In the fourth grade would be where I met the friends that I still have to this day. Moved on to middle school at Walker International Middle School, where alot of firsts n such occured and met some people that I still feel the effects of. Aroudn this time would also be when my parents got a divorce and my biological father from this point would move farther out of my life with each passing day. Which I could really careless about. I once again graduated with good grades, if you havent noticed by that I am and always will be deep down a nerd :D . From there I went to my first highschool Milwaukee Tech which goes by some new corperate name nowadays but who gives a flying fuck right.  Heres where alot and I mean alot that I will leave out of this happened that has effected al parts of my life. Freshman year is the year I like to say that I quite color. I met a lot of great people there that in retro spec I wish I would have done more to keep in touch with. I learned alot from them and they were a great group. But alas I did not. After meeting them however is where I took my turn and dove head first in to the rock music scene/ metal scene/ and if you just because this word gets the look and mood across best the goth scene. I am not however goth. That freshman year has a lot that will always stick with me and still affects my life. My second year of high though was different, I for one changed to Pulaski High School about three dorrs down from my house. Here the vibe was just different the people not the same. The quant little group of rockers I had at tech. Where all we had was each other, since tech was primarily a black school the small group of about ten was really all we had. So we all grew close quickly and here it was different, Pulaski was bigger more diverse. Which at first nice, as it went on poser central. That small group dinamic not so much still met good people people that were true to themselves and what they believed in but it was just bigger and not as close. This is of course my stand point and I hold some jagged views at time for my genera. I never really found too closelly the same tight niche here which pushed me more to being a loner that I already was. I still had my friends and the people that were almost close but still mostly I was doing things on my own finding newer people else where. Through out high school I ve been to more concerts than I can count meeting numerous people at shows and people that I talked to on the internet.Mostly people I met were off the Kittie forums, great people and they were more the people I was looking for. I ve also met the band Kittie great girl and I cant wait till I meet them again. This lil blerb on my histoy is going alittle ascew so moving on, so high school done over yes again good grades at grad think it was like a 3.8 at the end.

Now since freshman year somethign I left out was I worked at a Ar National Guard base the 128th ANG.This is where my focus to join the Air Force came from. I also worked at a middle school as sort of computer tech support the years i was at pulaski. But I signed the dotted line and gave my soul to the government. U.S.A.F. Security Forces.... basically military police ... bottom line the Air Forces grunts.  Six year contract is up 2010. Went to basic training  in San Antonio as well as tech school After tech school in texas I was quickly shipped off to Italy to be stationed at Aviano, AB Italy... appropriatly nicknames Avinam. Hell would have been a welcome vaction from that base, though I do not regret and at times even miss my days there. I met some of the best friends I have there, the constant hardships are what I believe to be the cause for it as well. So I can only hate Avinam so much looking back. More recently I reside in England, Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath..... the work is easier but the people for the most part I find lacking in the good times I m used to. You can not ever have it all right? Besides... "If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality" hahaha take that Spider quoting a book!

I know this seems kinda breif and vauge you will have to deal my life is my life. Theres no real way I can accuratly depict some of the tails that have occured in it and there many of them I simply do not want to share.  You may notice that I have not mentioned any girlfriends, no it does not mean I did not have any its just means that I m not going to share anything on them. I am single right now which means any girlfriend I would mention would be an ex and to mention one would need to mention all and obviously since I m single none of them worked out quite right. So why mention them at all?  Each has had some effect whether minorly or majorly significant on my life and I do have good and bad memories of them but I like to try and keep the past there and not have regrets and bringing up the bad can only lead to wishing things had gone differently. So yeah if your an ex and your reading this sorry that you dont get a mention in my little history page its almost ironic though since we are history to one another....not that I m bitter or anything.
For those too lazy to read all of that heres a more organized kinda of fill in the blacks history of me.  
Name: ******** ****** **********
Date Of Birth: August 23rd, 1985
Age: Do The Math
Location of Birth: Milwuakee, Wisconsin, United States Of America
Current Location: Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath United Kingdom
Occupation: United States Air Force Security Forces
Aliases: Spider, The Vampire Spider, Vamp-Spider, MemphisRains, SpiderX, BloodSpider
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown...most days
Pierceings: Gone  : ( R.I.P. My Two Left Eyebrow Fishing Accedents.... scratch that they are back baby
Tattoos: One on left upper arm to lower left, one on right upper arm, back of the neck, from left shoulder to right  from the base of my neck to lower back, and one on my inner lower lip
Species: Human may not be an normal one but still very much am one.
Marital Status: Painfully Single
Substance Use: None ZERO nadda, dont want to dont need to. Wont smoke wont drink I have to much  planned for my life to let any of that get in the way punks. But wont preach to anyone who does I would say almost all my friend do well alot, and they know not to include me, pssh and they say that peer pressure is too strong pussies.

Movies: 200+ DVDs I could list off a ton but why bother if you know me you know what I like if you dont get to know me.I like a lot of movies and I m pretty much the blockbuster for all my friends around here.

Music: Lol woooo thats a biggie, well rock and its many forms from soft radio rock to the stuff that makes statues of jesus cry blood and wet themselves... my external hadrive has close to 90GBs of music currently my average playlist on my iPod contain at least 200 songs. I have my favorites of course cause your a dipshit if you say I dont really have a favorite your just not true to your music then and cant tell lip singing from someone who actually puts their heart in to the music. Kittie hands down my favorite band from the days they were in high school pumping out PMS rock to today where Morgan and Mercedes push out some truely great sounds and havent given up dispite everything going against them true inspirations to anyone. You can give them shit for gowing through band members like a cop with a box of crispy creams but you have to respect them for not giving up. So fucking go and seek their new music visit their myspace cause no they have NOT broken up .. Morgan Mercedes and Trish Tara .. Lets see the rest that I favor like listen to but yeah not as passionate about like Kittie, *deep breath* in no particular order .... Killswitch Engage Cradle of Filth MushroomHead Paramore Flyleaf Static-X Metallica Disturbed Flesh Field Rammstein Graveworm Deftones Thin Eyes Bleed System Of A Down My Ruin Tool Tenacious D AC/DC A Perfect Circle KMFDM MDFMK Areosmith The Doors Led Zepplin The Eagles Argyle Park BlutEngle Dimmu Borgir Front Line Assembly Godsmack Marylin Manson Otep t.A.T.u Green Day 3 Doors Down Foo Fighters Tantric Rob Zombie White Zombie The Ramones The Offspring Type O Negative Dope Fear Factory Mindless Self Indulgence Atreyu Lamb Of God Lacuna Coil Pantera Black Sabbith Ozzy Mudvayne Nirvana Red Hot Chilli Peppers Skinny Puppy Velvet Acid Christ Opeth System of A Down ahhh fuck I know there alot more but thats just a shot off the top of my head I ll add to it at random I like a lot of shit what can I say

Other Intrests: Lets see drawing, digital art, football, hockey, video games (Nintendo & Xbox only screw Gaystation), going to concerts when ever possible, and other stuff just dont know what else to list.Basically stuff that is stupid and will probably get me hurt :D

About Me: Well I really dont know how to describe me ....... the best way to know me is to welll of      course talk/chat with me. I'll put a half hearted attempt in to this though. I m very sarcastic a 110% of the time. I really only like rock music and feel that anyone who has me listening to any other type of music shoud be shot. I m generally nice most of the time and easy to get along with but can be an ass to people and have a really pissed off side that comes out every so often when it cannot be surpress any longer. I can act really weird and come off as a dumbass to most people because of it. Im actually pretty smart have a 3.5 grade point average and I m in a few college level classes. Its not that I m stupid I just dont care what people think of me. Speaking of stupidity I really hate stupid people, which has me coming off as being a racist alot not my fault if a certain type of people are always acting like they are monkies, in reality I give everyone an equal chance for me to hate them with a deep  inner flame that wont burn out. I m pretty easy going and a good person to talk toonce you get to know me. One last thing here I really have a hard time trusting ANYONE, if it is something that I can get done I will do it I dont liket he idea of my fate in anyone elses hands, when you fist meet me in person not the net I can come off as a real cold mo fo (lol) its just the way I am frozen on the out side and an iinside that not even I fully understand is like, I can just be really complex and insitefull at times or just a complete whack job. Lastly I have joined the Air Force which anyone who knows m really isnt a surprise, USAF Security Forces, Protecting Those Who Defend America.

Anything else you want to know use the following contact information to just ask me:
Instant Messageing:
MSN: TheVampireSpider@hotmail.com
AOL: The Vamp Spider
Yahoo: TheVampireSpider
So You want some info some background on me eh? Why else would you click on the history button, I doubt you came here for history on WWII. Well here you go your lucky day cause heres some shit to fill your mind with why you want to I dont know but here you go. If your truely lazy and dont like reading paragraphs since and probably are failing at your remedial english class skip to the bottom to a little synopsis.
You will seee big bold green letters start there okay.
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