"Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change
Once a whore, you're nothing more, I'm sorry that'll never change
And about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged
I'm sorry honey, but I passed up, now look this way"

17 Feburary 2007
Well I just discovered I can update on Army computers... perhaps I ll be doing some work on here. Perhaps.

7 November 2007
A Shy Blue Sky
Iraq Six Months.... See you after...wish me luck

12 Sept 2007
The Day After Yestuday
So what do you know i get back and then dont update.... naturally... screw work. The same ole same ole around here, I now have a Avinam acomplice here as well, the Creator of Death Sampson, which is pretty cool. A good person to add to the sparce group of good friends I have here. I have my mini as well now good stuff. . . YOUR A TOWEL.... damn right you are. Ok yeah I need sleep but have to stay up just a lil longer, damn it all having to be on both a day and night schedual at once leaves for lil sleep in lil brief patches... other new Scotland this weekend .. woo hoo.
Remember and respect those who have fallen that day and remember those who have fallen due to its aftermath, words to live on no matter what you belive.


24 August 2007
Wielder Of The Blade
Ok I now have yet again another tattoo...woot..woot.. wont be uploaded on here yet cause I m trying to rework my whole picture system on here and as of right now its still all fucked.
So yeah...I have rants ... lol but everytime I get on here and start typing I lose the drive to rant on them lol so I guess maybe I really dont have any rants... its all just the same ole same ole in my mind so I havent said much. Buuut ok also I m now 22 yay..eh.

20 August 2007
Last couple nights have been good, kind of forced and required me to put some effort in to things for anyone to do anything but hey they got done lol. Good times though... been trying to set up some new things  for the site that just havent been working so that sucks. Thye may or may not get worked out kind of dont know whow to make them work at the moment so I dont know. New tattoo on wednesday! so hells yes, ah thats one thing that will be fix the pictures going to set something better up then the link to myspace lol. SO thats all for actually.
17 August 2007
The Only Moment Is This Moment
All righty then the site is pretty up and running. Much better then it was a day ago... still some bugs still some fixes I m gong to make, but shes here up and walking again. Rants and raves.... I ll spare the site from those for the moment.I m just glad I have it functioning again and with some constant work by me this will once again become the center hub of information on me, lol. Instead of myspace which is a great site n all but this is min, under my control under my direction. The photography section and the photos are shit right now one links off to lol myspace the other non existant so give those time till I work out the pages properly. Tongith though the updates are finished, so I will blog away and rant like good ole times soon.

16 August 2007

Eat At Shananigans, Shananigans Rules, Eat At Shananigans Kalvin Works Here!
Hey look at this the site is up and running, there was actually a large amount of you all visiting while it was shut donw... weird so I figured since Im on leave and not doing anything that hey I guess I could actually fix this place still going to be some bugs but everything shall work it self out over the next couple days and quitep possible some new stuff up and running so laters folks.
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