16 April 2007
Good Godly Bootay
Well its has been a fur shure long time since I ve updated this place..... new news.... well theres a tone... I just through up a quick new layout to getme motivated to do more tomorrow.... also umm I live in England now lol change of pace every where...... ummm nothing more I m going to syay right now hopefully I will do a well needed over haul on this place over the next week or so I have a lot more time on my hands then I didn back in aviano... this thing sadly types out slower then I actually type hence no puncuations and a lot of errors lol... get over it ... this place hasnt even seen work since november........... ok nothingmore....

12 November 2006

It's Finnally Ove
Gah the last 5 months or so where I ve had to do rediculous training and other crap I didnt feel like doing is finnaly done and over with maybe I can go back to being semi normal now lol .... grr this thing needs a restart  typing things out faster than the computer can register... hence the lack of puncuation.... but yeah I m gonna try and fix the damn tag board finnaly lol an maybe update more later.

31 October 2006
All Hallows Ev
Happy Halloween Folks, have to keep this short have to go to sleep lol have work in 4 hours but I have to get thisquick update in.
Take a look I actually did something Kittie-Zombie
lol not the best wok but its kool and I like it and thats all that matters
I would love to update more lots going on lots to come but I must go soon I sware... I mean it really ;)

13 September 2006
Too Lon
Its been way to long since I have updated this site alot has happened and a lot has staied the same. I went on my euro trip I have like 800 plus pictures from it that one day I would like to load on here but yeah we all know how that is. Theres alot and I stress alot that I would like to do with this still but like always time and laziness kick in. Well this will be short I actually should get some sleep in before work. LOl oh yeah new layout awesome eh? Wish I could take credit for it but like I said laziness this wasnt done by me it was doen by avery talented
DeviantArtist Bionic7 click there for the link to his page and check out the rest of his amazin works or click the symbol on the left upper corner of the layout. Seriously look at hs stuff its amazing. Haha dont even have permission yet to use this but I ve sent a note away and hopefully he allows it or otherwise  I ll have to think of something to do with this place lol.
Ok too tirednow thoughts becomeing incoherent.


7 July 2006

"I Bite"

... look my newest tats

New Tat Number On

New Tat Number Tw

lol fun stuff... I m going to an Eric Clapton concert today.. yeah ... lol I m not really going to fit in but a ton of my friends are going to it so it should be fun plus it gets me away from base for a while.

Ah nothign much else to say at the moment life is goign to be rought this week I think so we will see.



12 June 2006
This Will Fall Aw
So yeah I keep trying to update this but it was acting funky and kept going to my old site and wanting to update that I dunno why but it was but yay finnaly go through.
Its been intresting the past couple weeks. I went to a concert pretty good pretty good.... met a girl.... pretty great... danced....lol told I was good... dont believe it. Then it all come to a good old grand ending with everything falling apart lol.
I laugh yes I laugh about it cause nothing can change it its what happened. Yes looking back maybe at key moments things may have been different but wasnt how things went down. I had fun though, I know if you read my myspace I may seem different with how I felt about it but that was right after this is a while after. Yeah I got toyed with badly and man am I annoied by it dont like those lil games thats why I generally avoid much of what I did this weekend.It was a nice taste of the other side a world that generally shuns my kind, I had a way in an insider so to say one that straddled the lines both one of them and one of my kind
Now you must think well howd it go wrong well on the inside the real her or at least what I m pretty sure is he her she is most comfortable being there was nothing wrong at all. As far as I know we hit it off spectacularly she was smiling laughing joking with me I with her flirty and all that shit. She got me to dance .. well more taught me too, her and her sis say I did good I ll never believe it but it was nice... mostly due to the me her and not much inbetween part.
So seriouslythis night was great allll the way up to the last hour or so probably more on the or so maybe two hours. Her sis says someone owas there I still am not sure of his name, she feels bad cause she promised she would meet him here I get told hes a friend initally.... ah now you all see where it gets sour eh.. yes initially told friend so me no biggie there was guy friends all night saying hi and asking for dances but I was the one that returned to pretty quick too I might add generally.
Welll yeahas you guessed it not this time. Poof gone and I m stading in a club with no one really that I know or even care to know for that matter I m out of my realm. Pretty much lost and starting to sette back down to reality and looking around teh place its all the popular type of craving people around me amazing looking girls who are only amzing looking cause thats all I m pretty sure they concern themselves with. Spend teh day getting all pretty like and then party all night. Yeah my I m with an amazing model rocker chick high pretty much drops instantly.
lol funny thing too my name was decided by one that it cant be spelt Spider with a
n i but Spyder ... yeah no not so much I clearly know how I spell it and I definatly did not go with the y just like its vampire not vampyer for me.
So I ve decided that that night there was actually a Spyder in the mysts  he was the guy that dance and all that and comprimised Spider. Cause really I cant nor ever realoly want to dance I m a mosher a head banger a person lacking in much rythm. But I had this girl who for me to chill with was going to need that or so I thought at least.
But moving forward with the tale. Yeah poof I m stranded and I walk abit try and ... well no didnt try to mingle just looked around and said what the fuck I chill for a lil bit then of course I go looking for her I see her and watch.. see if I m getting ditched or what... Well to be honest I m still completly confused by the entire situation. Now I mentioned the Spyder and Spider deal for this reason cause i really didnt elaborate on it that well above but I needed to establish that split in persons in myself to go with my theory of splits in her.
Ok I m watchin just talking going on not muc else entire time she looked miserable seriously I m not even exaggerating to make my case look better, none of the laughter I got from her earlier barely any smiles, and every one I saw they looked fake. So after a bit everyone is starting to leave and our lil group is gathering back together I go up there intoduce my self n all that, now upon closer look I could have sworn she had just cried denile from her on that but the look was not the fun gril I was spending time this girl was someone else didnt even come near me really. Also now when I asked about him I got hes this guy I m talking with... ouch..
So my mood that had already turned sour just got even more so... I was just lost in my head going wtf
Cursing my self for letting it all happen, kicking myself for even entering this world of people. I thought I was safe she was a rocker on the inside I saw that I know that but the model on the outside was now behind the wheel. So now apperently model and me are not close like. So now the club is playing rock music my stuff I just wanna hit someone now .. mini pit breaks out .. turns to a fight in a milisecond and luckly I was held back there wise night would have been over, even though it pretty much was anyway. I would recieve the cold shoulder treatment the rest of the night. There was a milisecond where concern over me was there but I was already too far gone with the insult of being toyed with all night to even want to acknowledege it, if I would have I would have just been a complete ass, I didnt say anything to her to be a jerk but it took alot and I did lash out on others. Cause you cant keep it all bottled up

So we leave the club its now like six in the morning now I m tired been up practically three days with lil to none sleep. Those of you who have talked with em when I m overly tired know that yeah I dont hold back when I tlak then so I walked ahead of everyone just so I didnt say anythign and bit my tongue alot. Even though I was completely discusted with what had happened I still like her and I know what the real person on the inside is like and know that if it wasnt for the world surrounding that rocker on the inside it would be different. The world affecting the outside I believe cause even though I believe thats how it is I could be completly wrong adn I know it but the way I m looking at it this is how I see it. Theres the rocker on the inside who meshes with me great and the model on the out where has to be like it is to comply with it world the world it has to deal with daily. Has an image to uphold and standards to keep with and the guy the guy that made her look miserable was part of that. Alot like the rocker in my is held back to uphold the standards of the military.

You can say I cant possible know that that shes probably just a bitch and toyed with me a tease. But I go out and just be cocky with this cause its proven itself over and over and is pretty damn good, I have a excellent judge of character, especiallyw hen i have a chance to casually tlak with a person. I talked with her a lot earlier on  in the night and I know that on the inside that part that will one day force its way out is a great gril its just for now and probably for a while its trapped in this world that isnt forced upon her but is the world that is there and like us all we have to adapt to the world we are in.

I talk alot dont I? too mcuh if you ask cause also in retro there are thigns I would have rather wished I didnt write.. worte some stuff yesturday to em.. wasnt bad but .. probably too much.. and things that I think is probably going to be taken in the wrong context. Cant do nothing about it now though it was written for my sake not theirs, selfish yeah it was. I needed to get things out cause I m done with the botteling deal with ertain things.

Back to leaving the club though one in a drunken mess one just seeming so depressed and me and my friend... well more so associate sober. Back to the apartment.. where apperntly the rocker or a mix of the two was there, at first minimal interaction with me then laying next to me as we watched old school.... this just aggravated me more so but it was how it was. I took it as is and I was calmer at this point as well constantly thinking however that i should have known better anyway.
So yeah I dont know.. lol she does twitch in her sleep, snore a lil cutely if you can believe that and lol I guess some other crazy stuff from what her sister said the next day while she sleeps.... now all of my dirty mind friends stop now nthign happened alright.. fell asleep durring the movie then pressed on to their bedroom.
Besides those that know me best knowthat I m not the type thats goal for an evening is that anyway and after getting shunned for the night I wouldnt have gone for that anyway casuse fuck that shit not getting ignored ten used again hell no. Guys who do that stop thinking with you dick alright woopi you got some if its that big a deal with you then great for anyone who has decided to grow up a bit would rather keep some pride.... she was damn hot thoguh so lol I say it cause lol it didnt happen but yeah it would have been hard not to if oporunity arouse but even so. I knwo my self pretty well and I think  iwould have been smarter in the situation anyway.Think what you want on that nothing happened either way.

In conclusion lol after this five page report, I may or may not have a friend still with her.... I get a feeling its goign to depend on her sister a lil on that one.. had to send that note to her sister to get it to her... but I dont know one side of me thinks the woman I saw on the inside will know what she did and feel bad about it.. then part of me just knows I m never going to hear from them again and I ve basically gotten a fuck you back in response...

I dont know

But hey lol I branched out fuckers, so take that to all of you who have ever shunned me and any other freak cause take that I held my own in the fashion world I may have crashed and burned but I may not have in the long run either way. HA HA freaky lil anti social head banging vampiric rocker made his was in to that lil fashion world popular club in Milian the "fashion capital of the world" dance and didnt to to bad for himself. As much a I can bringmy self down about it I m going to keep trying to keep my self on the up and up cause that week between me meeting her at the concert and the club I was me at my fullest the me that hadnt been drained by my military life the me that went to concerts weekly and had colored hair and piercings.I needed that week.
So lol if you read this and you knwo who I m talking about if you are thanks.. lol yeah thanks.... gave me some dance lessons and a good time gave me back some of the confidence I lost long ago even though thta was cold what happened at the end of the night , I think I understand what happened now. We had a lot in common a bloody hell of a lot eh love. ;) so why not have a slight spliting in personalities as well.

Maybe I m too nice, always have been the nice guy finishing last. You know what though wouldnt want it anyother wa

If any of this is a confusion for you if your going what the hell was that all about its probably because on here there hasnt been any mention of this look at my other myspace blogs entitled "B B B Burn' and "6 Times to the face" for the background history on it a

30 May 2006
When It Rains It Pou
Ok so I ve been back for pretty much a week now the trip up to Germany was awesome. The training we went through was actually useful compared to the stuff the Air Force normally trains. Still not 100 on being on the deployment yet and who knows how things will end up at this moment. But on the plus side of things I did find out what my next base should be. I m staying over seas and I m going to england. I like the idea its not this base and that base doesnt have the things that make this base a living hell. So really theres nothing worse that they can throw at me that would make me hate it as badly. Most complaints I ve heard is the weather sucks... well t sucks everywhere and hell its more reasone for me to ware my trench coat lol not like I ve ever needed a reason. Cutting this off short have to go to work which has sucked the past month my schedual has been 15 days on .5 off 4 days on 1 off 2 on 3 off , I m just now starting to level off now with days on and off of work so on this up coming 3 off I ll try and update more and even some new pics.
07 May 2006
Whats Dry Gritty and Gets Everywhere..


Just got some kinda good kinda bad news I m getting deploied going down rang going to get sand everywhere. I guess my updates on here will be very speratic the to say the least I leave to go to Germany cause this makes sense gonig to go up there to the woods to train to go there and fight in the desert... yay military logic. But back to the sentence I was working on I leave for germany on the 7th will be back on the 21st then I ll be sitting around here for the summer then I will go to the sand box sometime in August.

Another thing that really pisses me off on the 20th I was going to get a chance to meet up with Maia and GoGo Suicide as in suicide girls and Maia as in my fav of fav girls shes so adorible and GoGo who is just awesome, but no have to go train in the woods to fight a war in the sandbox for reasons I dont even know anymore and if i did probably wouldnt support, I have no problems going to war its my damn job but I m missing out on meeting some kick ass girls that I ador to do some training that I have already been through.

Now I have nothing else to say cause right now my mind is occupied to say the least.

13 April 2006
Fragrance Free & Hypo-Allergeni
So yeah its been forever hasnt it, its been hell on this internet to do shit so sorry but your in for a treat a update. This is going to be a long one so you all better get a soda put on some music and get comfortable cause ealier someone asked a question earlier that got my mind in motion and put me back in a place I havent been i n a while a near mature mindset.

Its sucks kinda being here I used to be smart I used to be mature, hell I used to be told I was very mature for my age now at least in my mind neither istrue anymore. Its what I get for being where I am. security forces has the lowest requirement to get in to the air force. Now I may have gotten high eighties on my ASVAB score which quald me for pretty much any job I wanted in the air force but I made the choice to join this one so even though i am smarter then the requirement but to the rest of the the air force and even to my self lately I might as well gotten that 34 as well. Thats how many of us are treated and how damn near all of us at. I suppose we ask fo rit by acting the way we do, like myself I was very mature but now I work with those who are not and I ve lost that way I acted a bit its still there I think just not "on"  I work and play with the immature almost all the time so there for I work and play with them at their level . Sucks lol  but I was asked a question that personally  i wanted to treat with the maturity it needed and not be the immature bastered I ve been actng like lately, cause other wise I would have said somethign that shouldnt be said and possibly put things in perspective that would just be fucked up or given an opinion that was helpful just bias and dick like. Lol now whether I gave anythign helpful or not I did do my best to shed that different veiw on things and be helpful and hopful what ever happens happens and it the out come is the best one that can occure lol that was a little weird to say without saying more than I should.

Well any way moving on to this past weekend, I went snowboarding...YES! lol it was a great time. Twas myself my good friends Kara and Kevin along side Karas buddy from back home whose stationed here with the army and has also spend the past eternity in the desert and just finnaly got back to his base Robbie and his friend Aaron both pretty kool guys. They passed the kool friends test cause honestly me and kev were worried the guys were going to be dicks like some of the guys Kara, love the girl to death but some of the guy friends we met in the past umm no not kool. lol but no these guys were good guys ...lol i m probably going to get hit later.. Anyway we went up to Austria to snowboard first time for me and kev up there we staied at hostile called the cube pretty kool place for a hostile nothing like the movie lol was pretty trendy in there and very much build to accomidate skiers and boarders. Lol we were also following some other americans up there kara knew one of them...bunch of idiots but they knew where the hostile was so we had to use them to get there. We pretty much for the omst part ignored them except for a few conversations here and there for the rest of the trip.

The first day amazing lol I was boarding all day in a t-shirt awesome stuff. Hit pretty much all the runs, cat hit the jumps and aaron did to I m pretty sure lol that and he would haul ass  way a head of us which was his loss cause we keptlosing him cause of it. I was a wuss al day and didnt hit the jump yeah boo to me I bitched out lol its been a while ok I just wasnt feeling it that day I did make one half ass run at the half pipe didnt really do anything much more then basic on that sad attempt though. We were on the the trail for most of the day didnt do too mcuh off trail running that and the snow was pretty mushy off trail that day due to the warmth. lol so its the end of a excellent day of runs and we have to make it back to the hostile, there two ways to do this one take the gondala back down almost to the hostil and miss out on some more boarding or take another rought that takes you across to one mountain up to another then down a long run to the hostile. Well one prob lol well kinda a problem you ahve to take tbars up to one part, those things are made for skiers not boarders.....

Ok so as you imagine that could lead to some complications now think hard I may have snowboarded a crap load ut this really is only my second season and only my first full season boarding so me being a noob havent done tbars it was explained to me and I knew what I needed to do but lol it didnt happend as well as it was stated. So as we are going up about a quarter of the way up my board catches edge and bam down I go and me being the genius that I am didnt strap in my other foot so it was pretty much impossible for me to swing the board around so I could get my ass back up right.  So now I m being dragger up the mountain on my back... which was actually going well I had a good grip on the bar and wasnt very straining at all to slide up the mountain until I hit another bump  and there goes the tbar up over my head and now the dragging is no longer funny and easy its a damn pain in the ass and my arms feel like they might as well rip off. Ok so maybe thats a little bit of an over statement but none the less i wast going to make it the rest of the way at this point though I am about half way up the mountain, so I let loose of the damn tbar and get up. From this point aaron tells me to grab on to his but I ve already decided nope I can make it from where I am to where I need to be and say nope and yell ahead that I ll meet them there...which later I learn wasnt heard at all. Aaron jumps off the bars with me and I tell him my plan and we head off to the next lift, which we made it to with pretty much ease. lol which was kinda funny cause the rest of them waited damn near forever and almost missed the last ride up waiting for us :P sorry guys lol but you should have known better I always find my way. The rest of the day was clear sailing down the mountain with some great views and even better weather, we even sat and enjoied it for a bit on the last leg of the run. Then down to the hostile we went.

The night was nothing too grand we were for the most part beat. One of the guys in the other group told his grand tail of how he dislocated is arm first to me and kev where he implied that his right shoulder popled him in the face and was dislocated and then later to kara where he then made motion to his left shoulder saying it was dislocated. Also in both tails saying that he couldnt move it due to the injury but was very clearly moving both arms....such great stories drunks can spin and yes this man was drunk apperently had started around 2 pm and it was now arond 6 or 7. The drunken fest would incure through out the night till way way early in the morning, I can vouch for it cause it kept me awake for most of the night.  we all hit the beds fairly early compared to our drunken breatheren after a good long while of just sitting and talking which was nice I dont do that much any more just sit with friends and talk... well yes but not like this it felt like different kind of talkngthen the usual jabbering we usually do.

Once morning arrived we relaxed for a bit and didnt head up for the mountian till around 10am. the air was a bit colder then the day prior but it was still a great day, wore a long sleeve shirt under my tshirt, so I still wasnt waring a coat. We hit the first run again with the jumps and I actually had some balls today was feeling abit more confident in my skills so I hit the jump a couple times, nothing real grand just up then down lol nothing xgames worthy. We also began to wonder off trail a little. had lunch them moved to the other side of the mountain thats were the fun began. The day prior when we went to the other side we had to cross some roads lol kara scratched up her board pretty good by boarding across the roads... shes got a broken wrist so taking the board off is a pain so its a bit understanable when the rest of us it takes half the time one cuse we have stepin/click in binding on out boards and skies and she has to deal with the regular bindings and a broken wrist. So today we went the other way the way ... or at least close to the way kev took the day before where he didnt have to cross the roads. But somewhere along the way we got side tracked and we were deep in the woods and no where near the trail and for a little bit getting farther away from where we wanted to be. So we are diping and diving and dodging our way threw the woods. I hit a tree lol go tthe cuts to prove it... but I wasnt the only one Kara came barrelling through one section of the woods down and up a lil dip and then fell on the edge of this ginormous hole in the ground around a tree/cave deal she had no clue about cause she went down back/head first but me and aaron ahead of her instantly go ohh shit. I ve already got my board off cause I was a dork and was sick of hitting trees so I was running my path, so I jump behind her so she doesnt go head first in to the pit. I start helping her sit up, when she just says take off my bindig so i go reach for the binding get a strap n half loose when my footing goes and I slide waste deep in the pit... she of course laughs at me.... I climb my ass back up this time kev shows up and he helps her sit back up  from up top, he starts to pull her back up while I kept her board from sliding her back down.... after she was back up I slid down the pit again lol but climbed my ass out after that. . We board around lost a lil longer and eventually come to some tracks that we follow to a road, then we followed the road that eventually lead up back to the trail. We had to go under the trail and through a neighborhood to get back on it but we did make it back to it.  Finnaly back on the other side we seriously had a blast going everywhere except on the known trails we great even with out fresh powder.  We spent pretty much the rest of the day on that side wondering where most did not.

So now we have to head back to the other side and back to the hostile.  lolthen there the spot where I make my genius idea... off trail was great all day.. run back to the gondala not really that exciting plus tbars boo. The map showed a dotted line through the woods to the gondala looked like a pretty feasible ride... I planned on just doing on my own let the others go the way we took the day prior. But no they wanted to tag along... so we started to head there but everyone except me and kev headed down too fast cause we werent really sure where the dotted line was in the real world so me and cat started to take a different route then the rest of them already and for a long while we were in two groups.... I thoguht that the other group would just go on with the route fromt he day before cause besides when all this started I told them they should follow me anyway. So me and cat are going through and around tree down lil cliffs and everything we were actually enjoying it even though the more we went the more dese the woods got and the more ulikely thisroute seemed to be. There were alot of parts where wlaking was the only option and afew parts where it looked grim. So about half wa deep in the woods guess who we hear the other group lol some how they managed to  make it near us so we waited up a bit and yelled abit and eventually we were all one big happy lol or "happy" group. The route was insane trees every where near collisions almost every time we tried to ride, each of us had to have lost at least two lives.  But we were getting closer, just as we are about to reach the gondala we meet a tiny lil obsicale... a fucking river. But fortunatly for us there was a nive little section of the river still bridged by snow  the bridge was about a foot wide everyone made it across then I went lol and yay for me I m the one with the near trip into the river. While I was taking my route down to the lil bridge my board got sucked in to one of the previous groves and it set me off crouse just evnough to jsut nearly miss the side of the bridge and off in to the water.  After the bridge we had to unstrap and walk to the trail. We couldn have timed i more perfect however we made it to the lift minutes before they would have shut them down and we would have been sutck.  The last of the run was the same as before as wit was all easy sailing to the end of the day. Not much more to say on the trip though rest of it was just nice chilling and relaxing.

Now onto other ramblings and blatherings. I ve noticed that I dont really talk to people anymore, mean I tlak to peopl but I dont really talk with anyone. I ve been tolk three times by people that have known me for over a year now that, they dont really know me at all. I really have closed off pretty much most of my life to those around me in this part of my life. I would say that out of all the people I know here only a couple know anything about my life prior to the militay and even those people only know a couple of things. Its kida crazy I know all these people but none of them actually know me. Back home I ve got my buddies that know me as well as I know them cause hell half the shit we have all been through together or they were the guys that I talked to about shit or them with me now, I ve got the friends I guess but none of them I ever really talk to about shit other than the shit here. It all rally one about the job or somethign going on about the job or some shit going on around here. Nothign really of the past ever or of our histories. I dunno I find it kinda weird lately how none of really know eacho ther yet our lives could be dependent on one another... well from my point of veiw there are the some that have made the transition better and have those friends but for me its just different I have never trusted easily and I have never shared easily and here I just havent found the right people to talk with or the right ones that will listen as well as talk and I listen I guess. Kraziness surrounded yet alone.

...hm.. ohh yeah lol tis word .. ths word is just so insulting.. aldultorous whore... I m sure thats spelt wrong but you get it. Was talking with one person and she said another peroson I knwo get called that. Talk about a bitch of a pair of words I dunno maybe to someo f you that doesnt seem to bad but when it first hit my ears, jaw was just damn dropped. I ve said some mean shit and I have put some odd combination of words to gether to insult but this pair right there if i was a girl getting called that I would just stop and cry it just such a fucked up combination of words on their ownd they are bad but together damn. Also the girl it was directed to I kinda know her not really the best but I have talked with her and knwo the background behind things and damn its just cruel cause shes a pretty sweet gal and this is just such a stong word to be calling her when thigns arnt even warrenting that... well like I said earlier I work with the immaturest people in the air force so really this is what i should expect. Thing here are just like high school same bull shit he said she said drama that I hate then. lol probably why I stay disconnected from people here just like i did with most in high school cause I dont care for the immature bull shit dramma they all try and dig up I ve got more improtant things to waste my time on lol like typing out a giant rant about it lol but you if you got half a mind you ll understand what I mean by all of this and if not then lol guess what....


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 March 2006

Ding Last Stop He
Yeah yippy I m back and boy did I not miss it. All is the same here in this little place of Aviano, all the same issues and crap that I left behind for twenty-one glorious days. I have stories to hare and things to say but I have to prepare my room for room inspection tomorrow morning and be a slump for the day. Its amazing how one day of work can sap all the energy gained from being on leave with ease. I havent forgotten about linking to my tat artist but still I lack the energy for it. Also yay shitty internet takes me an hour to check my email again yay, thats why it still hasnt been checked as well. But I m back alive and well...not exactly well but still breathing and thats what you need to li
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 March 2006
Got my new tat done today yay, have a quick picture of it uploaded its a little blurry. The tattoo looks great really really great. I m going give props and everything to George the artist later too tired at the moment
New T
16 March 2006
Got Bloo
Ok well got a good amount done today for the site. I ve set up a yahoo photo album because I have wayy to many pictures at the moment that need to be put up that cant all be set up and put on to this site. In other words it would be way to much fucking work for me to put them all up on here. So I've decided I will put some maid photos of me, family, and friends on the site and all the hundreds of others in the yahoo photo album. This way I will update the photos more, the site will have the couple nice looking ones and all the random snap shots and tourist photos will also have their place in the photo album. Few new bttons and little crap put in as well . The history page has been updated still more tweaking I would like to do to it add aliitle more detail. But over all thats close to the finishe product. Ahh lets see here nothing too much more to report. My new guitar comes in tommorrow... well today now according to the way time works. So yay lol I ll put pics up of that and me as well. More will be done tomorrow lol. oo oo new tat might be done by the weekend ..hopefully. Wanted it done before I got back but the tattoo place I went to dip shits... well not all of them I wont let the one dip shit ruin the shop but yeah I got shafted with the dip shit. So I went in there today, made him feel really bad I put a pretty good story over on him cause I m a little pissed about the situation. I got my sketches back and I m going to try one more place and hopefully *fingers crossed* will get it done. Ok enough ranting I have to wake up relativly early so I m off to sleep, try to at least with a movie in lol.
lol I havent said this in a while and a friend said I rock for saying it so,
\m/ Rock out with your toe socks out \m/
I m such a ner
15 March 2006
The Rebuilding Proce
Well I've gotten alot done tonight, instead of 90% of the site down theres maybe 30% inop at the moment. Tonights round of changes are done but more to come tomorrow and the days following. Expect a whole new picture section with alot more pictures. I've got a couple more ideas I want in as well, until then though have a look at this band
: Salting Jobe
A girl I know
, Diana off the Kittie forums turned me on to them and they are pretty good shes in one of their songs, Catchers Rye. You can hear her voice in the chorus.  Also another band she infected me with Deafening. Both really good bands I would go as far as to say that both bands are B.A. so go listen to their shit. Laters.
14 March 2006
TheVampireSpider.com is going over some well over due overhaul here so some links are going to work some arnt. It should only  take a few days to get them all done but when it is the site going to work better because of them. Who knows mayeb I ll even be a better webmaster as well....too much to ask ...probab

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